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Our Doctors have been freeing people from pain for years. Experience counts. From our clinic in Longview, TX, Our Doctors are committed to promoting the health and well being of our patients. After completing a treatment plan at Longview Spine & Sports Medicine, patients have found relief from arthritis, sciatica, back, neck, knee, shoulder, and widespread joint pain.

With our highly skilled physicians having extensive training in uncovering the cause of unknown pain, we are well known in the Longview area for helping numerous chronic pain sufferers. We use various medical techniques throughout each uniquely prescribed treatment plan to help strengthen muscles, relieve inflammation and allow your body to heal naturally. Patients often find the help they need at our clinic, even if they had unsuccessful treatment elsewhere in the past.

The caring team at Longview Spine & Sports Medicine is dedicated to finding pain relief options and treatment for all of our patients, no matter the diagnosis. Sometimes surgery isn’t an option for pain relief, or perhaps, previous treatments haven’t worked. In such instances, Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cells may be the solution. Our leading pain-relief experts at Longview Spine can evaluate your candidacy for Stem Cells. This comprehensive alternative treatment is beneficial for arthritis, chronic pain sufferers of low back pain, neck, knee and shoulder pain, and so much more. We treat patients that have been told they are bone-on-bone
and surgery is the only viable option. Not anymore!

Regenerative Medicine involves using your body to heal itself, naturally. Using non-invasive techniques, our clinic offers our patients treatment options using regenerative healing. Regenerate NOT Operate!